Outstanding Accounts Receivable Spreadsheet

Introducing our Outstanding Dental Claims and Patient Balance Tracker Spreadsheet, a comprehensive tool designed to help dental practices efficiently manage and monitor outstanding insurance claims and balances. This user-friendly Google Sheet simplifies the process of tracking and organizing pending claims, ensuring timely follow-ups and maximizing reimbursement.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Claim Management: Easily record essential details for each outstanding claim, including patient name, notes, and amount billed. This centralized approach allows you to have a clear overview of all pending claims in one convenient location.
  • Status Tracking: Automatically monitor the progress of each claim or balance by color changing statuses built into the spreadsheet. This visual representation helps you stay organized and prioritize follow-ups based on the urgency or age of each outstanding claim or balance.
  • Follow-up Sections: Within the spreadsheet are four sections dedicated to follow-up attempts and progress. These reminders ensure that no claim or balance slips through the cracks and that necessary actions are taken promptly to expedite payment.
  • Payment Reconciliation: Once a claim is processed and payment is received from the insurance provider, easily update the spreadsheet with relevant information such as payment date and amount received. This allows for accurate reconciliation between outstanding claims tracked in the sheet and actual payments received.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive design makes it easy to navigate through different sections of the spreadsheet while entering data or reviewing information at a glance. Save time by leveraging automated formulas within the sheet for calculations such as total outstanding amounts or average processing times.


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