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If you’ve landed on our small piece of the internet, you’re likely feeling the burn of insurance claim nightmares, collections chaos, or inadequate insurance verifications.

Well, take a deep breath. We have the customized solution!

After helping local practices clean up their outstanding claims and A/R, I knew I wanted to take this business remotely and help my clients long term.

I also knew there was a lot of competition! But I opened my ears and listened to what dental offices were saying about their experiences with other dental billing companies, and it wasn't all good.

So how could I stand out and offer something exceptional? 

With the most experienced and talented professionals in the dental industry! All of our account managers have a minimum of 7 years experience as a dental practice manager. Many with AADOM designations, bachelors degrees and masters degrees! We have the highest hiring standards out there.

This team knows the inner workings of making a dental office not only function, but thrive! And that all starts with our proven revenue cycle managements systems.

i knew to offer the best service, i needed the best talent.

A Dental Billing Company made up of dental practice managers.

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Dental Billing

Insurance claim submission and outstanding claims follow-up. Insurance payment posting with all in-network adjustments.

We know Orthodontic Billing is a unique skillset, that's why we have a dedicated team of expert orthodontic billers!

Orthodontic Billing

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Patient statements sent daily, custom past due letters mailed, text to pay links sent, past due outreach to patients via email and text.

Patient Billing

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Breakdown forms customized to your office with the CDT codes you need and plan specifics you're looking for.

Insurance Verification


We can help you achieve your practice goals in a variety of ways. We offer customized consulting and coaching for many dental start-ups and established practices!

Specialty Projects

Digital Resources

See the systems and documents we use behind the scenes! From training guides to spreadsheets, we have you covered!

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I’ve immersed myself in the world of dentistry for nearly two decades now, and it's been quite the adventure! My journey began during dental hygiene school when I started working at the front office of a truly one of a kind dental practice. However, it was as a their Practice Administrator that I discovered my true passion.

Being a Practice Administrator allowed me to explore almost every aspect of the dental office, and see just how important revenue cycle management is to a thriving practice. 

What started as a bit of a side gig helping local practices with their insurance claims has now blossomed into a successful nationwide business. It's truly been an incredible journey!

CEO | FAADOM | speaker 

Our Founder and CEO

Meet  Amanda!


As the owner of a very busy Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery office, we partnered with EDS to ease the burden of insurance verification. Their accuracy and attention to detail is excellent but what sets them apart from a previous company we used is their ability and willingness to communicate with my staff. They listen to our concerns and have made sure our needs are met. Every team member assigned to our office is kind, friendly and easy to work with. EDS has done exactly what we hired them to do...Relieving my staff of insurance verification tasks and allowing me to do the business of Oral Surgery! I am very pleased with them and would recommend them to any office in need of their services.

“Their accuracy and attention to detail is excellent."

Dr. Fatehi

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