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Remote Insurance Billing

What’s Included:

Claim Submission: Claim submission is done daily; all appropriate radiographs and narratives are attached to ensure prompt payment. Narratives are crafted from your clinical notes and carrier-specific requirements are referenced when determining applicable radiographs and other documentation. 

Outstanding Claims: Our main objective is to keep your outstanding claims to a minimum. Each outstanding claim is worked diligently every 7-10 days until paid. A detailed spreadsheet is kept to track our progress and is available for your office to view.

Payment Posting: We properly post insurance checks and calculate write-offs. Paper checks and EOB’s are scanned by your office and posted by us within 24 hours. EFT’s are posted and reconciled. Proper notes can be made in patient ledgers describing any leftover balance. 

Our team is proficient with most dental software, including but not limited to: Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Open Dental, Dentrix Ascend, Ortho2, Cloud 9, OrthoTrac, Curve, Fuse, PracticeWorks, and many more.

Package Pricing



Insurance Collections
under $40,000 per Month



Insurance Collections
between $40,000 and
$100,000 per Month



Insurance Collections
between $100,000 and
$150,000 per Month



Insurance Collections
over $150,000 per Month

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